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L'espoir - Laboratoire d’étude sur la schizophrénie et les psychoses orienté vers l’intervention et le rétablissement.
LESPOIR research laboratory, in the Department of psychology at the University of Montreal (UdeM), is interested in improving the lives via better psychosocial treatments and practices for people with mental health problems such as psychosis or severe mental disorders.
Research & Recruitment

We are constantly involved in studies to further our understanding of mental illness.

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Participation in one of our studies:
Evaluations are conducted in a public place that respects privacy (eg employment center, university). You are given an amount of money for your participation and bus tickets for your transport. When there are therapies, they occur at the employment center or university.

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Please contact us if you are interested in joining our research group as undergraduate or graduate students, or if you wish to participate in our research projects.

Dr. Tania Lecomte

Dr. Lecomte founded the L’espoir laboratory to help provide tools for coping with mental illnesses, to continue working at a job, stay in relationships... A sense of freedom from the struggles of mental illness and hope for a better life. read more

  • Individuals diagnosed with a psychotic disorder are NOT more violent than the general population.
  • Schizophrenia is not caused by poor education or a bad parent.
  • It is possible and common to recover from a serious mental disorder.
  • Many people with psychosis today have a job, a full life, a stable relationship and children.
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